Aluminum, Metal, Glazing and Roofing works Innovative concepts and high quality manufacturing and execution

Company Overview

ALUMEC is a company specialized in Aluminum, Steel, Glazing and Roofing works. It is currently active in Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. 
ALUMEC expanded its business market in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and Sudan with complementing factories in Jordan and Sudan to facilitate and execute works while taking advantage of its know-how in Lebanon.
Due to its expansion and experience in foreign countries, ALUMEC has the ability to mobilize teams to execute projects internationally and to coordinate them from Lebanon.
In 2012, ALUMEC METALS was established as an independent unit in the ALUMEC company for execution of all kinds of steel/stainless steel works required to meet our projects and clients’ demands.


Business Strategy
ALUMEC’s job is to execute aluminum, steel, glazing works, and roofing systems.
Our mission is to contribute to the construction field, offering innovative concepts and high quality manufacturing & execution.
To achieve this, our strategy relies on several points:
• Team work and flat hierarchies
• High quality of work at competitive prices 
• Custom-designed and engineered solutions
• Quality control and safety in manufacturing and installation
• Follow up of the sites and the clients 
• Yearly maintenance program for completed projects
• Ongoing professional development to meet the needs of the market
We vigorously exploit the advantage of a dynamic, flexible enterprise. To help control our charges and offer competitive prices with the highest quality, we have used the skills of our experienced and motivated staff and targeted specific projects. We believe our employees are a major asset, and as a result we invest in our human resources by providing training on an ongoing basis. 
Quality Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility
ALUMEC has established a quality management system complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the following reasons:
a. to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and
b. to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
ALUMEC believes that the success of the organization is based on the following principles:
Focusing on providing seriously and strictly our services as requested and expected by our clients through a management system that reflects our know-how and using our experience to continually improve our system.
Our drive for excellence has moved us in the direction of ISO to provide quality management, operational efficiency, and compliance with safety and environmental requirements.  Therefore the management has decided to develop, implement, certify, and maintain a quality management system that is complying with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.
Our company’s values drive us to provide services responsibly and contribute to the development of the community while protecting the environment. We strive to operate safely, provide support systems to protect our workers, and deal ethically with our internal and external community. Our dedication is to use resources efficiently and to provide a safe workplace while preserving the surrounding environment. 
Our Staff

The company comprises of several departments headed by the General Manager: ALUMEC Metals, Production, Technical Department, Tender and Procurement, Design and Shop Drawings, Accounting, Human Resources, and Quality Control. 
Our technical/design staff is directly involved with the execution teams on site. This saves time, guarantees high quality, facilitates meeting deadlines, and enables us to implement new ideas quickly. 
The management urges all the employees to employ the procedures and contractual terms of the ISO quality management system and encourages them to communicate their ideas for improvement.


Alumec Factory

In 2012, ALUMEC materialized the vision of moving to its factory with expanded facilities for each of the units: aluminum and glazing, steel/stainless steel, and roofing systems and integration of computerized numerically controlled (CNC) technology.
All metal (steel/ stainless steel) and aluminum works are manufactured in our factories that are equipped with modern machinery in order to absorb high capacity production in an organized and efficient manner. 


A Leader in the Business

Being established in different countries in the region (Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar), and due to our experience in working in various countries (Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Bangladesh), our teams are qualified in working under changing conditions. 
We are ranked among the top regional companies in the sector by providing innovative solutions and guaranteeing high quality in manufacturing and execution.

ALUMEC is involved in executing some of the biggest projects and has been collaborating with prominent companies in pricing leading projects. Companies include, among others, La Constructa, Matta & Associates, Mouawad- Edde, MAN Enterprise,  SEG, MEC, IBM, Hourie, Kfoury Engineering, Tabet Enterprises, Abniah.
ALUMEC has established its position in the region as a trademark for projects where innovative designs & high quality execution are required


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