A whole range of products from metal structures, aluminum and high rise curtain walls to special minimalistic systems


Technal French series GX- GXI/ FX- FXI/ MX, GB/ FB, FBi/ FBCi, MV, MVv, GT/ GTI, TEC, Cobalt PTS, Cobalt Slider
ALUMEC is the first company to introduce Cobalt MX series, GXI+ thermal break series, GTI+ lift & slide series & unitized curtain wall MX series
Lumeal GA, Soleal FY series considered the new generation of Technal, meeting the requirements of green and energy saving buildings- Launched in Lebanon for Technal experts in February 2012.
ALUMEC is an authorized and certified Technal fabricator and installer.

Schuco German AWS- AWS NI/ ADS- ADS NI/ ASS- ASS NI/ CMC/ FW/ SFC/ ALB/ CTB/ CAB/ ARS series system
ALUMEC is an authorized and certified Schuco fabricator and installer.

KELLER Minimal Windows/ Minimal Windows 4+ series systems
A partnership between Keller and ALUMEC has been established since 2016.
AIRCLOS folding sliding systems

Spider wall system
Louvers & sunshades
Rolling shutters (extruded and injected)/ Folding shutters/ Sliding shutters/ adjustable shutters
ALUMEC is part of SOMFY expert group.

Larson- Alucoil composite panels
Aluminum/ Zinc composite panels/ Insulated composite panels are cut and grooved on the AXYZ 3 axes CNC machine.


Stainless steel accessories (manufactured with high precision and quality finishing on CNC machines)
Stainless steel/ steel structures, steel subframes
Tension rod structures for spider walls and skylights


Roofing System

Used in curved, low slope, and steep slope applications as well as architectural standing seam metal roofing
Manufacturing of full line of custom form cornices, domed and barrel vault roofing systems, mansards, fascias, soffits, and curved copings

ZIPRIB structural/ functional standing seam metal roofing

KALZIP standing seam roof & wall cladding system

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