Upgraded machines allowing high capacity line production and latest software

to track and control quality throughout the process

Our Factory

In 2012, ALUMEC materialized the vision of moving to its factory with expanded facilities consisting of 4 floors extended over 8000 square meters for each of the units: aluminum and glazing, steel/stainless steel, and roofing systems.

All metal (steel/ stainless steel) and aluminum works are manufactured in our factories in order to absorb high capacity production in an organized and efficient manner.

In 2017, our aluminum and metal factories were totally reequipped with the most up to date and latest computerized numerically controlled (CNC) technology and software allowing to track and control all the manufacturing process from cutting list to end product delivery. Future expansion of the factory will include 500 m2 of offices at the roof level, and a 1000 m2 extension building.

Computerized Numerically Controlled (CNC) technology

High precision and quality end products
Custom designed accessories
High capacity of line production
Accurate follow up on schedule
Time efficiency and minimal errors
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